Clay Target update term two

By Jacqueline Irving | Posted: Wednesday June 22, 2022

Term 2 has been a busy and successful one for our shooters.

“As some of you may have heard, Henry Sim, Nic Sim and I attended the New Zealand DTL Clay Target Nationals that were held in Christchurch from the 11th to the 17th June. There was a total of nearly 300 shooters from across New Zealand and a few from Australia who made the trip over. The three of us were very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend this competition and to come out with a few medals and trophies. It was even better since the weather conditions were not the greatest for shooting targets, but we managed to battle through. Getting to stand up on the podium with Olympians was something that I did not expect would happen and was a great honour. This would not have happened without the support from our parents.” Ollie Nicholson

The results below show our students outstanding performance in relation to the top New Zealand and Australian Clay Target Shooters who undertook an intensive week’s competition.

NZ DTL Nationals 2022 Results 11th-17th June

Inter-Island Challenge South Island 4, North Island 3 (Australia 1)

Henry Sim (Year 13 in 2021)
NZ Minis Championship, sponsored by Target Products Ltd. HOA Henry Sim, Dunedin 25.

NZ Handicap by Distance Championship, sponsored by Craftsman Sports, 1st Henry Sim, Dunedin 50, 2nd Tom Taylor, Amberley 50, 3rd Daniel Williams, North Canterbury 50, 4th Alistair Burr, Palmerston North 49. 5th Ollie Nicholson, Dunedin 49, 6th Darrell Cowan, West Otago 49.

NZ DTL High Gun A Grade Henry Sim, Dunedin 423 (for the week).

Highest qualifier for Mackintosh Teams: Open Owen Robinson 248, Ladies Natalie Rooney 241, Junior Henry Sim 244, Veterans Paul Black 247.

Mackintosh Teams: Open Owen Robinson, Paul Black, Kent Nicholl, Toby Nicholl, Vance Butcher, Darrel Cowan, Michael Vincent, Jon Beddis, Terry Brand, Deano Horn, Grant Nilsson, Colin Waghorn, Geoff Jukes, Jock Saxton, Robert Prince, John Harkness, Matthew Lovett, Nil Pratt, Henry Sim, Grant Preston, Mark O'Connor, Paul Michie, Lukas Nicholl, Stuart Sutherland, Ross Tucker. Reserves Hamish Holland, Shane Cornelius.

Otago Team
Shoulder to Shoulder Provincial Teams 1st Otago 367. Team members: Mike Duncan, Doug McKenzie, Nick Sim, Darrell Cowan, Henry Sim.

Interprovincial team’s 1st Waikato (Jon Beddis, Lukas Nicholl, Warren Lue, Owen Robinson, Kent Nicholl) 2127, 2nd Canterbury 2102, 3rd Otago 2097. (Over the week’s events)

Nick Sim, Year 13 2022
Buck Knives North vs South DTL

Juniors South Island Team 1st (Henry Lassen, Nick Sim, Oliver Dean) 213, North Island (James Sullivan, Nicholas Hutt, Guiletta Whitney) 209.

Mackintosh Teams: Juniors Griffin Evans, Oliver Dean, Josh Lourie, Nicholas Hutt, Nick Sim.

Ollie Nicholson, Year 13 2022
NZ Handicap by Distance Championship, sponsored by Craftsman Sports: 1st Henry Sim, Dunedin 50, 2nd Tom Taylor, Amberley 50, 3rd Daniel Williams, North Canterbury 50, 4th Alistair Burr, Palmerston North 49, 5th Ollie Nicholson, Dunedin 49, 6th Darrell Cowan, West Otago 49.

Points Score Trophy HOA Matthew Lovett, Timaru 75. A Grade: 1st Robert Prince, Hutt Valley 75, 2nd Michael Dobbie, Southland 75, 3rd Natalie Rooney, Timaru 75. B Grade: 1st Ollie Nicholson, Dunedin 75, 2nd Nigel Field, Hawkes Bay 74, 3rd Grant Andrews, Auckland Met 732. C Grade: 1st Richard Lourie, Palmerston North 69, 2nd Alistair Burr, Palmerston North 69, 3rd Andrew Hogarth, Gisborne 68. Ladies: Natalie Rooney, Timaru 75. Juniors: Ollie Nicholson, Dunedin 75, Veterans: Michael Dobbie, Southland 75.

Congratulations to these three young men and their families who have been alongside them all the way. Success at this level is not achieved just by taking part in Intercollegiate and Inter- School Competitions. Travel to Club, Provincial, North Island and National competitions have turned this into a full year’s program of participation, perseverance, and practice to produce these outstanding results.

Otago Intercollegiate, 12th June

While we missed Nick and Ollie at the Otago Intercollegiate Competition held at the Dunedin Clay Target Club, we have a great squad of other students enjoying a day of competition. Unfortunately, Rugby injuries ruled four boys out of this opportunity to compete at our home ground.

Squad: Ben Kinney, Shamus Young, Johnathon King, Jackson Stevens, Ben Roy, Dustin Young, Charlie Hore.

Results from the Intercollegiate

Ben Roy - 1st Junior Single Barrel
Jackson Stevens -2nd Junior Single Rise

Interschool with Christ’s College, June 14th

To add to a busy week of shooting, students stepped up again to host an Interschool against Christ's College on Tuesday, 14th June at the Dunedin Club. It was a very close shoot lost on points score with exciting wind gusts.

Squad: Will Scurr, Shamus Young, Ben Kinney, Hunter Burgess and Jackson Stevens.
Score Keeper: Ben Roy.


OBHS 214
Christ's 331

With a total of 16 students involved across Clay Target for 2022 this sport option remains strong and it is currently at capacity. We are grateful for the support of parents who travel in all weathers as our students shoot in all weathers. 

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the Dunedin Clay Target Club and in particular Mr Bill McKinley who provides the venue and coaching that encourages our boys in this sporting pursuit. We are proud of the perseverance and performance shown by all boys on this sporting journey.

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