A healthy diet is key to a child’s learning

By Richard Hall | Posted: Sunday June 19, 2022

Everything they put in their mouth generates the energy they need.

Not every family finds this easy. But please remember it is ok to ask for help. Vulnerability is a positive manly trait. 

To help out, the school has made it a priority to provide healthy food.

For instance, we are very lucky to partner with Harraways of Dunedin. They provide a free nutritious breakfast for any boy, every day. Porridge is a great way to start the day.

We are also able to provide a free lunch should your son need it. I know one staff member who puts $150 of his own money, each term to the canteen for just this purpose. Another puts $500 to the school activity accounts so boys do not miss out.

So please, help us help others, and make asking for help a positive.