Reading Challenge Update

By Kate Innes | Posted: Monday March 28, 2022

The term one Reading Challenge is coming to an end and we have had some great completed entries already.

The following boys have finished the challenge and have received points for their houses as well as a ticket to the pizza party lunch.

Liam Elder, Jeremy Frei, Sullivan Blaikie, Jake Butler, Levi Bower, Jesse Paulsen, Montell Paulo, Ashley Te Huia, Ethan Haines, Sasmin Gamage, Fletcher Key, Tama Ratima, Alex Tavendale and Otis Allan.

Here is a sample of some of the book reviews that have come in.

Will - autobiography novel 

This biography is pretty decent, especially if you like Will Smith as an actor. I didn’t like how the book started with his depressing story of how he was a kid and he had a really abusive father with anger issues who was an ex marine. What I did like was how he got into acting and there was a guy called Quincy that made him act in front of his party that had heaps of celebrities like Brittany Spears, Tom Cruise etc.

I give this book a 4 star rating. I recommend this book to anyone that’s interested in Will Smith or any biography readers.

Author - Will Smith

By Tama Ratima 

Nevermoor (Book 1) 

Not usually my type of book but I found this very interesting. The book has a great start, no long build up and ends just as well.

Author - Jessica Townsend

By Liam Elder

Jeremy Frei (along with some other students) has completed all 7 books completely pushing himself beyond the limits of the challenge.

“I decided to challenge myself to read them all cover to cover as I enjoy reading a lot. This was a good excuse to make some time to read. My favourite books were Ender's Game and Ready Player One. They are both genres I love to read and would definitely recommend both books!”

By Jeremy Frei