Positive Postcards

By OBHS | Posted: Wednesday March 9, 2022

In line with our Positive Behaviour for Learning approach to pastoral care at Otago Boys, we have long since used postcards to reward boys when we catch them being good and displaying the school values.

This year, with the introduction of the new Values Badges for the junior school, these postcards have an even more important role to play. Receiving a positive postcard from a teacher means that Year 9 and 10 boys have ticked off one of the two criteria that they need to gain a badge at the end of term. So, they are now valuable currency for juniors!

In school, we are encouraging teachers to focus on the value of respect, our value of the term. They are writing postcards to boys that they feel consistently display this value. So how can your son get a postcard? It’s very easy really. He can embrace our “Above the Hoops” message and show respect.

Respect for Self             Moku Ake
Respect for Others        Tangata Ka
Respect for Learning     Ako
Respect for our School  To Tatau Kura

Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised so far this term:

Year 9
Joshua Geddes, Leo Burgess, Sam Holborow, Wajih Hasan, Talvin Williamson, Yash Prasad,
Harry McKnight, Otis Allan, Levi Dykstra, Kase Robertson, Nevin Peiris, Will Cone, Shabir Nabizada, Fou Eteuati, Matty Richards, Nathan Lau, Jake Butler, Jonty Graham, Sunny Jiang, Oban Voice, Dustin Young, Tom Maley, Grevel McFarland, Robbie Nichol Joseph Uehara, Ashish Sujith and Oscar Orellana.

Year 10
Liam Elder, Murphy Best, Max Cutfield, William Nichol, Sean Davidson, Finn Marshall, Shaun Hasler, Oliver MacKenzie, Dawa Tamang, Ruie Hyslop, David Cole, Benjamin Crump, Darrius Rogers, Finn McLean, Jacob Fleming, Jack Ussher, Tom Bankshaw, Nate Wilson, Jacob Parkinson, Dallas Pankhurst and Jaswal Vansh.

Year 11
Freddie Ashdown.

Year 12
Tony Tang, Jack Marsh, Koru Edwards, Marco Cheu and Taitelea Tasi-Cordtz.

Year 13
Robbie McCaw and Whetu Price-Koopu.