Positive postcards

By OBHS | Posted: Thursday March 17, 2022

In line with our Positive Behaviour for Learning approach to pastoral care at Otago Boys, we have long since used postcards to reward boys when we catch them being good and displaying the school values.

Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised this week:

Year 9
Yash Prasad, Muhammad Rhamadian, Tyson Cherry, Jackson McLennan, Bogdan Bramley, Ashish Sujith, Kase Robertson, Boston Ivamy, Riley Fitzgerald, Coby Booth,  Leo Shields, Jordan Pinn, Chase Nicolaou, Fou Eteuati and Afe Lale Sululoto.

Year 10
Jonty Bezett, Daniel Linton, Izaak Fruean, Oak Chisholm, Myles Lott, Jamie Hall, Matthew Parker, Braydn French and Hendrix Grant.

Year 11
Liam Patterson, Diego Gollner, Ousama Haroura, William Dearden, Saxon Morgan,Ollie Lambert and Shamus Young.