Outdoor Education surf days

By Andrew Willmott | Posted: Wednesday March 23, 2022

What a difference a day makes...

Having surfed this Term, Tuesday and Wednesday was a chance for the Outdoor Education classes to experience their own surf adventure with a day of surfing (and some travelling). It was decided that we would do some exploring of Dunedin's coast, as opposed to surfing at St Clair, again.

With a building NE swell forecast the north coast was the destination. Unfortunately for the Year 13s they got to experience first hand the frustration of trying to find the best place to surf when conditions aren't what they were supposed to be. Travelling as far as Waikouaiti and Karitane, the group then doubled back to Aramoana. Plenty of swell but not the perfect waves we had dreamed of.

Fast forward to Wednesday...the Year 12s drove out to Aramoana. Slightly bigger waves and only a light onshore wind meant there were plenty of waves to destroy (or be destroyed by). As the wind picked up it was then decided to head back into town, and to take advantage of the more favourable conditions at St Clair. After BBQing at the surf club, the boys hit the water again. Lots of sun, and some fun waves had. Everyone happy (and tired) at the end of the day.

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