Dunedin Secondary Schools' Debating Round 3

By Cheol Shin | Posted: Wednesday March 23, 2022

This year the Schools' Debating Competition is online and teams are facing off across Zoom rather than in person.

In spite of this challenge, we have two senior teams in the competition, and both have started well.

This week, a challenging motion was affirmed by both OBHS teams: “This house believes that the feminist movement should reject the institution of marriage.”

OBHS 1, consisting of Christian Bevin, Rohan O’Shea and Bruce Zhang, after last week’s win, were up against Kavanagh 1. After a long deliberation by the adjudicators, the result was a narrow loss. However, the team received some good feedback that they can use to grow and learn from.

OBHS 2, consisting of Cheol Shin, Ali Taha and Matthew Visser coming from last week’s loss, went against LPHS 2 and after some deliberation came out with a narrow win, also gaining constructive feedback to become better.