Kirsty Dunhill honoured with boat naming

By Dave Thode | Posted: Thursday March 24, 2022

On Thursday afternoon we took a moment to acknowledge Kirsty Dunhill by naming our new Quad in her honour.

Kirsty played a significant role in coaching our rowing squad 2018 – 2021. Her contribution was clear in not only the high level of competition success the squad enjoyed, but also in the development of our wider coaching team and her firm support of our school values within the club.

The ceremony was attended by a wide range of people keen to acknowledge Kirsty’s contribution. Past president Greg Cook lead the proceedings with a karakia, followed by an excellent summary of Kirsty’s work with the club. Further words from fellow coaches Thomas Ryan (past OBHS Maadi Cup medallist rowing under Kirsty’s coaching) and Jack McLaughlan expressed a keen desire to maintain the momentum, while Andrew King gave an excellent account from the school perspective.

The current squad together with rowing old boys, parents, coaches, and staff would like to thank Kirsty not only for her massive contribution to-date, but also all the supporting contact we have had since her move to back to the North Island.

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