Breaking news!

By Elaine Kelly | Posted: Thursday March 24, 2022

"Several junior boys in line to gain their Respect badge this term".

Staff have been busy behind the scenes analysing the data to see how many junior boys are in line to earn their Value Badge for Respect this term. There is a really healthy number of boys who have already ticked the box for criteria 1, being awarded a positive postcard or a shout-out from the local community.

It is heartening to see that both junior touch and junior water polo players have been displaying the kind of respectful and helpful behaviour that we would like to see, so much so that it has prompted parents from other school and local tournament organisers to send in emails. 

With this being an indicator report week, teachers have been giving effort grades and house points. It is a timely reminder to boys that, in order to meet criteria 2, effort is what matters. So, this weekend is a great opportunity for parents to download the indicator reports and look at the GPA for effort with their son. Alternatively, this can be checked at

There is yet another set of indicator reports to come in week 11. So, boys still have the opportunity to get their GPA for effort up and gain more house points. The ball is literally in your court, boys! Do the mahi, get the rewards!