Term 3 Students of the Term

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday October 19, 2021

This week, the Students of the Term for Term 3 were announced.

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 9 - Jayden van Kessel

Jayden is a hard worker. He always gives his best and by helping others in his class is a great role model. Jayden's work ethic has lead him to achieve well academically. He is also a keen participant in a variety of extra curricular activities outside of the classroom.

Year 10 - Nathaniel Millar-Coote

Nathaniel is a hard working student who continues to make fantastic progress academically as a result of his work ethic. He is a respectful young man with a positive attitude and is well respected by both the staff and his peers.

Year 11 - Ben Kinney

Ben always tries his best. He is a focused student and his determination to do the best he can, along with his great attitude is to be admired. Ben is on track to be a centurion and achieve NCEA Level 1 with a merit endorsement. 

Year 12 - Luke Moffitt

Luke consistently works hard and demonstrates perseverance when work is challenging. Wanting to do well, he does not shy away from asking questions. Luke is a polite student who exemplifies what it means to be an OB's boy. He is on track to being a centurion for the 2021 academic year.

Year 13 - Mohammad Taha

Mohammad is an incredibly hard working and dedicated student. He personifies personal excellence and perseverance. Mohammad is a mature student who is kind and always willing to help those around him. He is on track to be a centurion with all his credits achieved so far awarded at an excellence level.