Helping Hands

By OBHS | Posted: Sunday September 12, 2021

The school values are an integral part of our school life. One of the values is courage.

The following email was received from a hostel parent returning their son to the hostel on Sunday afternoon.

Hello Mr Hall

I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the senior boys we passed on
the road this afternoon as we were driving back to Dunedin to drop our
sons at the hostel.

You ought to be proud of these young men and the good example they set.

Due to the strong gale force winds experienced today, a ute towing a
caravan became a victim to the atrocious weather on the flood free road at
Henley and was turned onto its side and pushed across the road.

We approached this scene a short time after it happened before any
emergency services had arrived on the scene. The traffic was busy in both

As we passed the accident site we saw a few teenagers on the road
directing the traffic in turns along the one clear north-bound lane. The teenagers included some of your year 13 hostel boys; Henry Sim, Alex McLaughlan and Simon Maguire. There was also a young lady with them. They were supported by an adult or two and a vehicle with its hazard lights on.

We were impressed to see them stopping their plans to get back to the
hostel in time for dinner to help out these people.

Fortunately, just before we passed by, the fire service and police got to
the scene and a few minutes further up the road we passed the ambulance
heading in that direction, too.

Well done gentlemen, the school is indeed proud of you.