This morning our senior assembly guest was old boy Mr Martin Dippie (1979-83).

By Richard Hall | Posted: Monday August 16, 2021

A well known Dunedin businessman Martin was here as part of our positive masculinity programme.

As a role model Martin exemplifies the Otago spirit of getting stuck in, of never lying down and of working hard to achieve his goals.

He and his family have always been generous benefactors to the Otago community. We well remember his work in 2015 assisting the school to improve our tennis courts, work that continues today.

Martin, as a businessman and community leader sits on the Otago University Council, as part of a team dedicated to one of this regions greatest assets. The strategic knowledge and energy that he has, we are sure is vital in keeping this institution succeeding

Interestingly he serves on the Council with old boys Frazer Barton and Malcolm Wong.