Internal Assessments

By OBHS | Posted: Thursday July 1, 2021

Below is a list of internal assessments that are due to be submitted next week.

Monday 5

11SCI (MZ) 90950: Investigate biological ideas relating to interactions between humans and micro-organisms.

Wednesday 7

11ENG (BY-2) 90053: Produce formal Writing.
11GEO 91014: Apply spatial analysis, with direction, to solve a geographic problem.
11SCI (RG) 90930: Carry out a practical chemistry investigation, with direction.
13CHE 91393: Demonstrate understanding of oxidation-reduction processes.

Thursday 8

13ENG (JW) 91480: Respond critically to significant aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close reading supported by evidence.

Friday 2 

11APP 90963: Demonstrate understanding of the function of the body as it relates to the performance of physical activity.
12ODR 91333: Analyse the application of risk management strategies to Mountain Biking/climbing/surfing.
12PED (MG) 91329: Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity.
13BUS 91382: Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product.
13ECO 91402: Demonstrate understanding of government interventions where the market fails to deliver efficient or equitable outcomes.
13ESS 91410: Carry out an independent practical Earth and Space Science investigation.
13GEO 91431: Analyse aspects of a contemporary geographic issue.