A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Sunday July 3, 2016

As an educational leader this week has been inspiring. Our Year 9 nd 10's have led their own learning for the whole week.

There has been teacher input, mainly in the role of facilitation but on the whole your son has;  

1. Devised the learning plan for the week.
2. Asked critical questions.
3. Sourced from a variety of places possible answers.
4. Filtered those answers for relevance and connections.
5. Self-monitored and maintained the learning programme.
6. Feedback to the whole junior school in the form of speaking to the assembly every day.

I have observed focused and engaged classrooms where no teacher was present, boys moving about the school with a purpose and a real energy. 

I think it shows that when given the opportunity our boys thrive.

As the holidays are upon us I would ask you to take a moment with your son to discuss his risk taking behaviours. All boys take risks and frankly in most instances I encourage them. But in the holidays, certainly if you work, boys can take stupid and unnecessary risks. For our seniors especially there is pressure to be released after a busy school term. Have the chat with them again about what is suitable in your house for your family. Check where he is going, ring to find out who they are and check on him.

Many of you may have a copy of Celia Lashlie's book; 'He'll be ok'. I recommend that you get it out again and read chapter 5. In that chapter Celia talks about the influence of peers. Peer pressure (or horizontal learning as Celia described it), is a difficult thing for many boys to manage and the holidays can be a time where they fall down.

If you are going away as a family, disconnect his ears from those headphones, unplug his thumb from his phone and take him for a walk. You never know, he might even say something to you.

Keep safe.