Debating Update

By Maria Zammit | Posted: Thursday May 27, 2021

This weeks DSD debate counted as part of the Kings interschool.

The juniors debated whether the Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled. Javara Clark, Rohan Williams, and Mikko Johnston were arguing for it to continue this year. They pulled together some fine arguments, but they weren’t quite enough to overcome the potential health impacts put forward by the King's team. The 2 point margin shows the strong fight our boys put up.

A separate debate was set up for our seniors. Luke Geddes, Michael Crosson and Boudewijn Keenan were arguing for all building regulations to be removed on housing. The margin was just as narrow as their recent debates (0.5 points again). This time, however, they came away with the win.

Great work on your respective debates lads, and good luck with the next one!