Debating Update

By Maria Zammit | Posted: Friday May 14, 2021

Both our Senior and Junior teams have been competing in debating during the past fortnight.

Two senior teams took part in the first week of the term. The motion for their debate was that, as feminist parents, they would send their daughter to a single sex school. Quite a tough motion for anyone! Both teams argued from the affirmative position, with mixed results. OBHS3, consisting of Cheol Shin, Joseph Brunt and Ali Taha, came away with a win. OBHS1, formed by Michael Crosson, Luke Geddes, and Boudewijn Keenan, lost by the narrowest margin possible, half a point.

In the second week of the term our junior team argued that university should be free. Mikko Johnston, Rohan Williams, and Javara Clark walked away with another win.

Congratulations on your results!