Year 13 Geography

By Kate Hope | Posted: Thursday April 15, 2021

The Year 13 Geography class travelled to the Queenstown District this week to investigate tourism processes and to discover what type of tourist they are.

Students also had the opportunity to look at glacial processes, making sense of how a 160km long glacier can shape and change the landscape.

The main focus of the trip was around surveying tourists and looking at how and what types of spaces they use. Some students had to show resilience after their ego and pride took a hit with several rejections to their surveys.

We were lucky to hear from the Arrowtown museum staff to show how tourism has changed over time in the Queenstown District, as well as, Mr Peter Harris, the economic development officer for the QLDC. Students heard of the impact covid - 19 has had on the tourism industry and will use this data to assist their analysis of their research.

Of course when exploring tourist development, students had the opportunity to experience some of the tourist attractions for themselves. Well done to the 6 who braved the kawerau bungee jump, you definitely entertained us! Unfortunately 2 days of wind meant we couldn't get on the paraflights, but that didn't stop us finding indoor activities for our last morning in Queenstown.

A massive thank you to the students who pushed themselves and were a great bunch to take away. Their enthusiasm in taking the theory of Geography and applying it to the real world was awesome! Thanks also to Mr Moller for coming and sharing with us his knowledge of all things Geography!

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