A once in a lifetime experience!

By Lucas Power | Posted: Wednesday March 31, 2021

Last week I was honoured with the opportunity to experience camp for the second time. My first time being in Year 9 and now coming back as a Year 13 helper.

One of the best highlights from this camp was going to Wishbone Falls. Another highlight of the camp was the overnight, after hours of long, painful walking we arrived at the most amazing campsite and pitched our tents, and then helped the Year 10’s pitch their tents alongside the river. Next, we all sat down by the beach around our fires talking, cooking, and getting to know each other. Overnight is the one experience that I will never forget.

The entire week is an experience that I will remember for years to come. From the awesome group of Year 10’s which made it a great experience, to falling off my kayak in the river.

A big thanks to the other Year 13 helpers Ben, Flynn, AJ, Reid, and Angus, also to Mr Golder, Mr Zani, and finally Mr Dougherty the Master Chef.

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