OBHS Old Boys Rugby Team - Spartans 10s Champions 2021

By Gwyn Pratley | Posted: Thursday February 18, 2021

On Saturday 13 February 2021 an OBHS Old Boys team entered the annual Spartans 10s rugby tournament held at Green Island Rugby Club.

This year’s tournament was raising money for the ‘Foster Hope Otago Charity’. The 2021 OBHS Old Boys team was again captained by Spartan’s stalwart Ben Miller and also included fellow Otago Representatives Slade McDowall and Jonah Aoina.

The format for this year’s tournament was for the competition to be split into 2 pools of 5, who played a round robin, with the winning sides from the two pools playing a straight final.

OBHS Old Boys Pool Results:

vs Green Island WON 17-7 Halftime 5-7
Scorers: Tries: B. Miller, S. McDowall, H. Hansen. Conversions: B. Miller

vs University WON 12-5 Halftime 5-5
Scorers: Tries: J.McEntee, K. Johnston. Conversion: C. Millar

vs Team Toa WON 24-12 Halftime 12-7
Scorers: Tries: O. Haig, J. McEntee, B. Miller, M. Heffernan. Conversions: B. Miller, K. Johnston

vs Old Boys (Oamaru) WON 29-10 Halftime 12-5
Scorers: C. Millar (2), B. Miller, A. Frood, T. Te Whata. Conversions: B. Miller (2)

These 4 wins from pool play meant the OBHS Old Boys were drawn against Otago Pacific Islanders in the final who were also unbeaten on the other side of the draw. It proved a final in every sense of the word with the game being far more physical and tactical. OBHS started well and scored early, then with Kane Johnston scooting around the front of the lineout to score a well-executed try just before the break meant OBHS lead 17-7 at half-time. An open second half played to the Islanders strength of playing the game with width, however, OBHS defence was also at their strength throughout the day and it wasn’t going to abandon them at the ‘big dance’. Although the Islanders scored on the hooter of full-time they were unable to beat OBHS Old Boys who were crowned Spartan’s 10’s Champions for 2021.

FINAL vs Otago Pacific Islanders WON 24-17 Halftime 17-7 
Scorers: J. McEntee, C. Marsh, K. Johnston, M. Heffernan Conversions: C. Millar (2)

Scorers             Tries          Con         Points

B. Miller                3                4               23

C. Millar                2                3               16

J McEntee            3                -                15

K. Johnston          2                1               12

M. Heffernan        2                 -               10

H. Hansen            1                 -                 5

S. McDowall         1                 -                 5

O. Haig                 1                 -                 5

A. Frood               1                 -                 5

T. Te Whata          1                 -                 5

C. Marsh              1                 -                  5

                            15               8                91

Special thanks must go to the following Old Boys who played and managed the 2020 squad to make it such a successful outing:

OBHS Old Boys Squad 2020

1. Ben Miller (Capt)
2. Kane Johnston
3. Joseph Aldrich-Williams
4. Jamie Mowat
5. Jordan McEntee
6. Layne Opetaia
7. Charlie Marsh
8. Tevita Asi
9. Liam Sharples
10. Cameron Millar
11. Oliver Haig
12. Harry Hansen
13. Taine Te Whata
14. Matthew Heffernan
15. Hagan Free
16. Jonah Aoina
17. Taniora Raniera
18. Slade McDowell
19. Angus Duckett
20. Oliver Griffin
21. Alex Frood

Support Staff:

Scotty Opetaia (Coach)
Ricky Jackson (Assistant Coach)
Gwyn Pratley (Manager)
Thomas Grant (Assistant Manager)
Josiah Lesa (Head Hydration Technician)
Isaak Te Hiwi (Assistant Hydration Technician)
Josh Elias (Physio/Strapper)

The Old Boys Spartan’s team would also like to thank their team sponsors:
- NZHL - Dunedin Metro
- GSM McLauchlan & Co Business Advisors & Chartered Accountants
- Craigs Investment Partners - Dunedin
- Rhubarb

If you would like to support the OBHS Old Boys team in any way in their defence of the 2022 Spartans 10's Tournament, please contact Gwyn Pratley - [email protected]

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