A Message from the Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Thursday February 11, 2021

The sun is shining and we are all grateful.

A new year in our school brings a sense of opportunity and growth. The boys, our most important focus, have begun well. They have bought into the culture, which is important.

They are living 'Above the Hoops'.

'Above the Hoops' is our official term for how things run around here. As we know, with boys there are stated rules and the real rules. The stated rule might be that they make their bed, for the how well that rule is going, open their bedroom door - if you dare!

The stated rules in our school are important and they are followed. However, when we want our boys to understand, or articulate the rules, we use 'Above the Hoops'.

For them; the difference between boys banter and toxic banter, the line that they do cross can be tied to 'Above the Hoops'.

Rather than write another long list to specify what is above or below, we simply use the term when we see behaviours that we do not condone.

I know it is working when I hear the boys use it, and I do, because they do.

This weekend we begin our summer sports. Attendance, the correct uniform, a positive and respectful attitude are all expected. Boys will be held to being 'Above the Hoops'.