NZSSC Workshop

By Nicholas Finnie | Posted: Wednesday February 3, 2021

Over the last four days of the holidays, Teddy Finnie-Waters (Year 11) and I went to Auckland to do our first workshop with New Zealand Secondary Schools Choir.

We met our directors Sue Densem, vocal tutor Rachel Alexander and pianist Brent Stewart. The first day started with a flight to Auckland at 10:15am with the other 4 members from Dunedin. Once we had arrived, we went straight into meeting the other members from all over the country. 

Our days went from 9am to 6pm. Teddy was appointed deputy section leader of Basses.

While we were on our trip, we were billeted to homes from either members of the NZSSC or friends of the NZSSC. This meant the cost from the time we spent with the choir in Auckland wasn't so expensive. 

We found out our first performance will be in April on live TV for the national ANZAC service in Wellington. 

We hope that the knowledge we learnt from our time away can be shared with the school choir.