A Message from the Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Tuesday December 8, 2020

Finally, the year, here at school at least, has drawn to a close.

On balance, I think the community and students can be very pleased with how we have done this year. As always there are areas for improvement, but on reflection, given the very different challenges we have had, we can be pleased.

Next year will bring a time of renewal; several of our staff will either be moving on or having leave. Mrs Bennett is on maternity leave for the first portion of the year and we wish her family well. Ms Casey has resigned to take up a position with the Ministry of Education. Mr Kay has retired after 43 years as has Mrs Tina Fridd after 22. Mr Matehaere and Mr Ford have both secured 12 months leave to pursue various interests and Mr Markham is now a teacher in the school after 3 years as the Director of Boarding. Each of these people has given much to the school, and I can only on behalf of the whole community, thank them for their energy, passion and loyalty to this school.

I wish you and all of your whanau a safe, positive holiday and we look forward to a much simpler 2021!