A Note of Thanks

By OBHS | Posted: Tuesday May 31, 2016

This week the school received a note of thanks from a member of the public.  We would like to share this with our school community.

Dear Sir,

I live at ... Cargill Street. On the 25th of May I had a load of firewood dropped on the pavement outside my house. It has to all be picked up and put over the fence. Some OBHS boys were coming down the street. They stopped and helped me.

There were about 5 of them and some seemed younger and some older but I didn't really catch their names. I shook their hands and told them they were gentlemen.

I'd like you to know and if possible pass on my appreciation to those who helped me.

P Entwisle

A fine example of the spirit of the students at Otago Boys'. Congratulations boys.