A Message from the Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Thursday November 26, 2020

As the year rapidly draws to an end, I often get asked "You must be winding down?" Nothing could be further from the truth!

Next week we embark on a creative journey; the journey to the red planet. Mars has always fascinated humans. Stories stretch back through many cultures and time.

For us the journey to the red planet is about: curriculum exploration, shared teaching and learning, the opportunity to have some fun and to go outside of the normal comfort zone.

Staff, led by Ms Kelly, Mr Ashdown and Ms Marr have been collaborating on various learning activities and the beach day at Warrington will be an adventure for us all.

As parents, the best way you can support us, is to make sure your boy is here. School attendance is the basic foundation of what we are and how we can deliver learning. 

I look forward to the photos and the stories!