The most important match of the year!

By Richard Hall | Posted: Monday November 23, 2020

'A rollercoaster I never miss it' - Mick Jagger, Rolling Stone and cricket lover.

The annual 10B vs 9B cricket match is this Friday evening. It is always a highlight, as the young gun's of 9B, take on the 'oldies'; in 10B. Never mind the 1st XI qualifying for the 1st XI Cup, the national finals - this is the best cricket you will see all year. 

We are lucky enough to be playing on Littlebourne this Friday night (note, not Saturday morning), and weather permitting it will be on grass, a first for this the most crucial of matches.

We would love as many parents as possible to come along and make our match even more memorable, certainly if the weather is nice, Littlebourne can be a great ground to watch cricket. We aim to be started as soon as possible after school. 

It is also the evening of the Yr 8 barbeque, so a big crowd will be in attendance. 

Mr. Scott will only just be back from a week away at camp - Mr. Hall is looking to take advantage by putting the Yr 10's into bat and umpiring from both ends!

We look forward to seeing you there.