Te Ara Wai ki te Oranga 2020

By Kent Twaites | Posted: Monday November 16, 2020

The Year 9 Science Enrichment and Extension report for young Mori was held at the Otago University last Friday evening.

Our young Tane have just completed a five-day programme for Year 9 Gifted and Talented Māori. Well done boys! 

This venture involves students from the Dunedin area focusing on a marine research project at the University of Otago’s NZ Marine Studies Centre. These gifted and talented students work in collaborative teams and are mentored to develop their science investigation and communication skills in a Māori world context.

The primary focus was on a team research project, mentored by postgraduate research students, that integrates a range of extension experiences in Marine Science, Health Science, and Sport and Exercise Science. 

This is one of many opportunities that our school takes pride in being a part of in partnership with the University of Otago, the goal being extending our Maori and Pasifika gifted and talented. We have one more programme for our Year 10 students to attend this year and next year we have programmes from Years 9 to 13.