Internal Assessments Due Next Week (copy)

By OBHS | Posted: Wednesday October 21, 2020

Below is a list of internal assessments that are due to be submitted next week.

Monday 2

11SCI (RG)
90946: Investigate the implications of the properties of metals for their use in society.

91434: Research an historical event or place of significance to New Zealanders, using primary and secondary sources.

Tuesday 3

Wednesday 4

90916: Produce and body of work informed by established practice, which develops ideas, using a range of media.

90994: Complete a media product from a design and plan using a specified range of conventions.
91880: Develop a digital media outcome.

91321: Produce a systematic body of work that shows an understanding of art making conventions and ideas within Painting.

12MAS (RS)
91268: Investigate a situation involving elements of chance using a simulation.

Thursday 5

Friday 6

90970: Demonstrate self management strategies and describe the effects on participation in physical activity.

91038: Investigate a situation involving elements of chance.

91628: Develop a visual presentation that exhibits a design outcome to an audience.

91789: Devise strategies for a physical activity outcome.