Getting ready for 2021

By Peter Eaton | Posted: Wednesday October 28, 2020

In 2021, ALL STUDENTS at Otago Boys' High School will need to bring along a device to school every day as an integral part of their learning.

As a Year 9, students can bring along the device that they already have that meets the modest requirements we have set. Many students already have a Chromebook that they have purchased as a Year 7 or 8, which will be perfectly suitable as a Junior. This is a conscious choice to make attending Otago Boys' High School as accessible as possible.

Before the beginning of Year 11, students will need to bring along a Windows or Apple laptop device that meets the modest requirements we have developed. The most important aspect of a BYOD device to consider is battery life. If you select an appropriate machine when you make this purchase going into Year 11, this device will do your son until they successfully finish at Otago Boys' High School. A great opportunity to buy this is while your son is a Year 10, as this helps the purchase to be timed for when a new uniform is not required. There are guidelines on what our requirements and recommendations for devices on the school website: . For some subjects, a slightly higher specification of laptop is recommended and is outlined on the website. If you are unsure about what device to select, please contact us.

We have worked hard to come up with a scheme that minimises the financial impact on families and allows for this exciting opportunity. Last week we outlined how important this was in our attempts to provide what is 'best for boys, through the right learning'.

If supplying a device for your son next year is a concern to you, please contact the school.

We are looking forward to a great year in 2021 and our BYOD is a positive move in your son's education and we thank you for your support.