OBHS Hostel Reunion - Labour Weekend 2021

By Richard Hall | Posted: Sunday October 18, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 disruption in 2020, we have decided to postpone the celebrations until Labour Weekend 2021.

Many thanks to all those who have registered and those who are about to. 

The committee felt, given the situation in New Zealand and in particular overseas, that February was going to be too tight. We want this to be the best event that it can be; and that means having you and all of your hostel mates at our celebration.

You may have noticed other groups have decided to do the same, and while we usually want to lead, not follow, we are mindful that common sense needs to come into play.

For all those who are registered, you will remain so, for those of your friends who are yet to make it official, please hurry them up! We know there is a lot of good buzz out there, so let’s keep the momentum going! 

Registration is simple; just through the Hostel 150th Reunion page on our website.