Artist of the Week

By OBHS Art Department | Posted: Friday October 16, 2020

Our Artist of the Week is Year 13 student William Clark.

For my Level 3 Visual Art Design Project, I wanted to create an open-world, role-playing adventure video game. Inspired by Japanese anime and films from Studio Ghibli.

Developing a game required a good understanding of Design conventions in Visual Art, my game is called Proxima Prodigy.

This year I began drawing out concepts for how the character should look and feel, testing out a range of options. I then developed the environment I wanted for the game., something that enhanced the theme of the game. After choosing my final designs, I spent a large amount of time learning how to use 3D modelling software such as blender, to create, animate and texture my character and environment.

This short moving image is the beginning view of the 3D outcome of my character inside her Environment, still with a few more things to complete for my final submission.