Year 9/10 Travellers Program Initiative

By Rob Wither | Posted: Friday October 16, 2020

As a pastoral team, we have been looking at innovative ways to try and improve on our pastoral support mechanisms for your son's potential wellbeing while they are studying at OBHS. That they can just get on with what is really matters, which is being happy while learning, while making new friends and while being an active participant in a multitude of both sporting and culture activities that are offered by our school.

Hence, this new initiative of the Travellers program which in a nutshell will allow our team the chance to know you son better at an earlier stage. We can be more effective and efficient, in terms of our pastoral support that can be offered, if it was ever necessary for him while attending OBHS.

Below are some details on the Travellers program and the research methodology behind this program. This is provided in the form of a quick summary and followed with much more details in two hyper links below.

  • What is it? Travellers is a pastoral program involving a digital wellness survey (that remains confidential to the pastoral team) initially sat by students that gives the pastoral team a two fold opportunity to support. A further insight into the various changes and/or concerns students may have had around various life events in the past. Then to be in a better position to offer further support if necessary on a pastoral level in the future.
  • Secondly, to give the option, based on the survey results of an 8 week (one session a week) resilience based program (that will require both student and parental permission) that we believe may be of benefit for the selected students.
  • In general terms, Travellers is now in approximately 180 secondary schools throughout NZ, including prominent single sex boys schools and has been operating for the last 30 years successfully. It is an evidence based program that was originally designed by mental health professionals. I have worked with this program for a number of years in various schools and can attest to its effectiveness on a pastoral level for students.

Further detailed information on the Travellers program (please click on the link)

If you are interested in the research methodology for this program and it's ongoing effectiveness (please click on the following link) 

This coming week we will survey our year 9/10 students with the online Travellers wellbeing survey (which remains confidential to the pastoral team).

In the event that you have any concerns or issues with your son's participation in this survey please feel free to contact me on my email [email protected]