A Message from the Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Thursday September 24, 2020

This term, like many, has rocketed along and seems to have gone by very quickly.

The move to Level 1 this week has seen the return of assemblies. I have really missed them. 

The opportunity to promote small messages and to physically see the boys is one I now do not take for granted. This week we have talked about some of the little things: personal grooming and why it matters, the value of manners and importantly the idea that a firm handshake where you look the other person in the eye, counts.

Our boys know these things, but the opportunity to be reminded, to understand this connection to the world outside our archway, I hope will be a message that seeps in.

Next term will be very quick. Please keep an eye out for important messages. There will be a number of assemblies, exams and other events that will involve the whole community. Enjoy a break, take advantage of the time and I look forward to seeing you all in two weeks.