Covid 19 - Life in China

By Kehan Jiang | Posted: Thursday September 10, 2020

Hi,I am Kehan Jiang, an old boy from OBHS.

I am living in Nanjing, China. Before the 2020 Chinese New Year was my first time to hear about Covid-19. On the second day, through the media, the government told us we should wear face masks when we go out. Almost overnight, everyone wore masks. Wearing face masks has become the most important thing during this time.

At the beginning, except going to the supermarket to buy groceries, we always stayed at home reading books and cooking delicious food. I enjoy staying with my parents because I haven't had a holiday with them for the last three years. My flight tickets were cancelled which made me feel very anxious. Because of Covid-19, I have to take a gap year.

Everyday we need to check our body temperature. My mum works in a kindergarten and is responsible for the safety of the kindergarten. During the lockdown time, my mum was always working at home. She used the internet to contact all the staff, asked if their body temperate was OK and made sure there was no-one that had been to Wuhan.

After March, there are no new cases in my city. Life is back to normal, but we still need to wear face masks. Although this year is very diļ¬€erent, many people have had a long time with their families.

During the outbreak, the barbershop was closed. I now have a really cool haircut and have eaten too much delicious Chinese food, I'm overweight!!!

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