Staff verses Prefects Volleyball

By Steven Sharp | Posted: Thursday August 27, 2020

Thursday lunchtime saw the staff match up with the prefects in the annual indoor volleyball competition.

The prefects had a strong side, with volleyballers Noah Rooney and Michael Ruske. Fortunately, head boy Angus Henderson was injured, and the staff took advantage of this. 

Some solid serving from Mr Matehaere and Mr Eaton kept the first set close and some nifty backcourt work from Ms Allan and Mr Sewell saw the staff go 1-0 up. The second set was also close, but with the wise head of Mr Wither and some powerful spikes from Mr Gray and Mr Sharp, the teachers were too good. 

2-0 win to the staff, but on the day, Volleyball was the winner. 

Thanks to the prefects and the staff who played (and supported) the game.

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