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By Matthew Markham | Posted: Monday August 24, 2020

Last Sunday we hosted over 60 hostel grandparents for our annual grandparents’ dinner.

The boys were proud to show off School House to their grandparents. It was fantastic to see some old hostel boys back at the hostel. The old boys were of the Campbell House vintage rather than School House! Their stories made one realise that while many aspects of boarding have changed the same values of friendship and loyalty remain. Many of the grandparents spoke about how they enjoyed being part of their sons boarding experience and loved seeing their grandsons ‘home away from home’.

Ten pin bowling was planned weeks ago but it proved to be the ideal activity on a cold and damp Sunday in Dunedin. The boys enjoyed themselves, even though they won't be breaking any scoring records with many boys struggling to stay out of the gutter!

Next year it is likely that we will not have any international students in the hostel due to covid. What this means is that we have some places available in the senior school Y11-13, which we normally don't. We have therefore, decided to host a follow up country visit in Wanaka aimed specifically at senior students (Yr11-13 2021). We are holding it at Urban Grind on the 15th September at 4pm. If you know anyone in the Wanaka area that might be interested, please spread the word. Unlike the standard country visit people interested will need to book in. They can book by either emailing [email protected] or text/call (021)08754031.

We are now mid-way through the term and the biggest event on the hostel calendar is coming up,that is, the Hostel vs Day Boys rugby league game on the last day of term. Training has yet to start but tactics and team selection are certainly getting discussed. The boys are very keen to avenge last years close loss.

I can now confirm that Cultural Night will be held at 4pm on the 26th October in the school auditorium. Practices have started but we will really only get into full swing when winter sport finishes. All houses will perform the school haka and a song. The theme for the song is  Disney, the song must feature in a Disney movie. Some of the songs don’t immediately jump out as being a Disney song but Disney owns companies such as Pixar. The songs the boys have chosen are:

Hawthorne: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong from the movie Madagascar

Thomson: Hooked on a Feeling by BJ Thomas from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy

Nicholson: Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane from the movie Cars

Campbell: Since you’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson from the movie Pitch Perfect

It will be good fun to see the boys perform these songs! 

I hope you all have a great week and manage to keep dry, it is certainly very wet in Dunedin today. 

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