OBHS v King's High School Interschool Results

By OBHS | Posted: Sunday August 23, 2020

Last week our traditional interschool against King's High School was held.

Due to Covid, we found ourselves playing the interschool over the course of a week, with teams playing each other as part of the local weekly competition. 

It was a fantastic week, played in great spirit by both schools with all the boys enjoying the opportunity to play sport. 

Fittingly, the interschool came down to the final game of the week, the 1st XV rugby game played at King's High School. In an intense encounter Otago Boys' came out victors winning 13 - 8. With that, it took Otago Boys' to an overall win of 7- 6.

Many thanks to Dave Conrad from King's for all the hard work organising the week. 

Below are the results:

OBHS 4   King's 2
Win to OBHS

OBHS 16   King's 16

Win to King's

Football (Junior)
OBHS 0   King's 0

Football (2nd XI)
OBHS 2   King's 0
Win to OBHS

Football (1st XI)
OBHS 1   King's 1

Win to OBHS

Hockey (1st XI)
OBHS  0   King's 5
Win to King's

Hockey (2nd XI)
OBHS  1   King's 1

Rugby (1st XV)
OBHS 13   King's 8
Win to OBHS

Rugby (Under 15)
OBHS 24   King's 26
Win to King's

Rugby (Under 14) 
OBHS 38   King's 34
Win to OBHS

OBHS  674.6   King's 723.1
Win to King's

Overall win to OBHS

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