Lockdown Life in Germany

By Felix Moeller | Posted: Wednesday August 19, 2020

I am doing an orientation term at the Polytechnic. Unfortunately, it will be completely online meaning I don’t get to go to polytec other than for the exams. It would be great to get to know your fellow students, but there is nothing much we can do about it.

Covid is not as bad in Germany as in most other European countries, but nonetheless the impact is clearly visible. As mentioned, all tertiary education remains closed for at least half a year and the final exams of my brother are a bit of a mess as well. One month before they were meant to happen, schools closed and the exams were postponed and just started this week. I am different to most people my age. I don’t really mind spending my free time alone or with one other friend at the most. I’m not a party person anyway. The only thing that isn’t possible at the moment is ballroom dancing and rock climbing. It is nice to spend some more time with the family especially since that will change soon when my brother and I are going to university. The situation has a lot of potential to create conflicts as my parents have quite a contrary approach to the whole Corona thing!

My father is from East Germany and quite skeptical of giving out your personal information everywhere you go, as in the past this was used as a form of oppression. My mother is more relaxed and feels we should just do what is needed.

I already miss the ocean and many other things about NZ and would love to come back soon, but that will have to wait a while. We had a family trip to Norway planned but that will no longer happen. We have plenty of Germany to explore though so that will have to be it for now. 

Felix Moeller
ex student from Germany