Standing Together to Stop Bullying

By Craig Cumming | Posted: Tuesday August 18, 2020

This week in our interschool against King's High School, the Otago Boys' High School teams will be wearing pink socks as part of their playing uniform.

This is in support of the Pink Shirt movement which is going to be celebrated around the globe on 16 October.

Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobic bullying, after a peer was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. 

In Aotearoa, Pink Shirt Day aims to create schools, workplaces, communities and whānau where all people feel safe, valued and respected.

We are also using the pink socks to celebrate the diverse cultures that make up the Otago Boys' community. Creating awareness with the boys began last year by the 2019 Prefects when the pink socks were worn in the Christchurch Boys' Interschool.