A Message From the Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Tuesday May 31, 2016

Olympic athlete and old boy Robbie Johnston spoke in assembly last Tuesday. His message to the gathered students was simple, he was not the best runner in the school when he started, but through perseverance and action he became one of the best runners in the country.

And while he wore the silver fern at two Olympics, Barcelona in 1992 and Atlanta in 1996, he was still able to recall the teacher, Mr Frank Cameron, who drove him to become a great runner. Lunch time runs for the cross country team were compulsory, as they were when I attended. In all weathers, up and down the hills surrounding our school. It made me glad I never was good enough to make that team!

But it reminded me of the power, for young men, when someone gives them a nudge, a push, a prod, maybe even an ultimatum. However it is begun, if the end is positive, a love of learning, a love of culture or sport can be hatched by someone, often a teacher, who believes in them. As the long weekend approaches, give your son a prod, a push, maybe an ultimatum, remember you are his parent, you do know him and you do know his ability. I would hate to think this weekend was spent on the couch, when he could be prodded into something more positive.

Enjoy the extra day, spend it as a family and we will be back into it on Tuesday.