By Andrew King | Posted: Monday July 27, 2020

Since returning to school from the lockdown, we have experienced an increase in vaping at school.

This is obviously a significant concern to us. Firstly, the law clearly states that vape products are not available to anyone under the age of 18. These boys are being supplied and / or sourcing these products illegally. Our second concern is that there is little evidence about the long term health effects of these products.

I wish to remind you that vaping is a clear breach of our school rule:

17 (d) No student shall vape or have vaping paraphernalia in his possession while under the authority of the school.

It is the Rector's policy to treat very seriously a breach of this rule. The Rector would review all the circumstances and consider a serious disciplinary option.

Please reinforce with your son our expectations around being a vape free school.