Pledges and Donations

By Melissa Rodgers | Posted: Wednesday May 11, 2016

Remember, pledges do not need to be large lump sum payments – we are very grateful for all contributions, large or small, and in one payment or spread over a period of up to five years, which often makes the donation much easier to handle from the Old Boys’ budgeting point of view.

Since our last newsletter, we have received a donation from:

Paul Twemlow (1991-95) – Associate Fellow

Bob Wardrop (1939-40) - Friend

George Mason Charitable Trust - Senior Fellow

Alan Alty (1955-1960) - Friend

John Sanders (1968-72) - Fellow

We are genuinely appreciative of the continued support and belief in the Foundation’s objectives shown by those Old Boys who have become Foundation Members. If you wish to find out more about how you can make a pledge or donation please contact the Foundation Office on 03 - 477 2546.