OBHS v JMC Prefect Dodgeball

By Angus Henderson | Posted: Friday July 24, 2020

Term 3 has started out on the right foot for Otago Boys' High School. The prefect team were once again challenged by John McGlashan College to a dodgeball rematch which was held in our school gym this past Thursday.

It was a highly anticipated event for all of the boys. Many things had changed since our last encounter.
1. We were at home.
2. We had the boys behind us for support.
3. We had three new pieces of weaponry to take them down.

The school gym played into our favour from the get-go. We had an unbelievable turnout from the boys, filling the gym almost to capacity. The smack talk was unending but polite, and only left a couple of the opponents in tears. With the crowd roaring, tunes blasting and boys itching to go, Mr Martin blew the whistle to set us off into battle.

It was carnage. Mr Martin and Mr Burrows our incredibly professional referees were overwhelmed as the OBHS prefect arsenal tore into the challengers. Our three new prefects, Josh Friend, Ahmad Diwan and Jaxon Benington were ruthless. Ahmad led the charge at every start, charging right into John McGlashan, and unfortunately... sacrificed himself in the process. Matt Pyper and Walter Savage had the hot hands. The morning training for basketball obviously paid off with three made three-pointers to revive our entire team. Mitchell Duncan had the standout play of the game in our final match, dodging 7 consecutive throws in a row as the last man standing, appearing as more of a ballerina than a first XV forward.

To get to the point, the Otago Boys' prefect team remain undefeated in every sporting event having ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISHED JMC 4-1. It was a tough day for our "mates" down the road, but thanks for coming and having a good time. We came, we saw, we conquered.

Shout out to Mr Burrows and Mr Martin for officiating!

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