A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Friday July 3, 2020

It is time to yarn again.

Yarning - the ability to tell tales. Well, it is often for boys a key way to connect. It is also a great source of fun. In boys schools, teachers who can yarn, have real mana.

Telling tales or stories can connect a boy with the bigger picture. Often as a parent you can fall into the 'in my day' trap too quickly. By telling tales about different situations or stories that don't involve you, can still get your messages across. Yarning is a skill, like any other that takes time to learn and I guess that is the key to it, it is time. 

Often people will say they don't have that skill, but I am not talking about the professional level, I'm simply talking about telling yarns. It is in our DNA, it has just been suppressed by screen time.

Remember many, many cultures had the fireplace as the centre of the community and often when we go camping, it is those times that really are the best memories. Yarning connects us.

During the recent lockdown, we baked, we walked and we rode, and I am guessing, although it is less spoken of, we talked. We connected through language.

As we enter the holidays, I hope that you get time to spend as a family. I know that many of us won't have the same chances to spend time together. Many will work through, but if you can I recommend making time to yarn. You might be surprised at the connection you get.

Enjoy your break, or if you don't have one, enjoy getting your son to do all the housework before you get home, so you can yarn.