Year 9 Social Studies

By Freddie Hore and Ethan Maw | Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020

Over the past two weeks the classes of 9H and 9T have been very busy working on their assessment for the topic of Disease and Society.

Our task was to unleash our creativity skills and create a board or card game that is based around diseases and major pandemics in history. The students first planned out their games and then began to make and create the games. The students seemed to really enjoy themselves and took a lot of time and thought throughout this project as they didn't want to make a small mistake which could stuff up the whole game. They made all sorts of games and were very extremely fun to play and created a lot of excitement in class over the week when they played them. 

Next week we will be moving on to a new topic called ‘Environmental Sustainability’ where we will be learning about sustainable actions through economic, societal, political and environmental decisions.

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