OBHS Sport Uniform

By Craig Cumming | Posted: Thursday June 18, 2020

With our new partnership with Gilbert and Otago Sports Depot we now have added some items that are available to be purchased.

Pictured is our new sports warm up tee shirt. This is to be worn by all sports teams that represent OBHS. Our goal is that this tee shirt is for all sports, winter and summer, so we have consistency with all our teams. It will also reduce the expenditure of buying different tops for different teams.

The second item is our warm up jacket. This again is to be worn by all sporting teams. At this stage we do not have a sweatshirt but that is on the way. The expectation is that this jacket is the only garment we use when we travel, turn up and warm up while we represent OBHS for all sports other than when we travel in school uniform.

The third item is a casual cotton trackpant. Perfect for the winter months and they look and feel fantastic. Gilbert has designed these with help from our boys, making them suitable for  when they are relaxing and kicking about. If you are wanting these, please be quick as Otago Sports  Depot has a limited supply. More are on the way.

These items are also available to be purchased online from Otago Sports Depot. Please go to their website and click on the Uniform tab.


Or head into Otago Sports Depot to check them out along with all our other items. Brent and Amanda and their friendly staff will help you.

If you have any questions please email Craig Cumming: [email protected]

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