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By OBHS | Posted: Thursday June 11, 2020

At Otago Boys we have four active beehives.

In the past, these hives have been looked after by students who have had knowledge of beekeeping. Recently, the management/maintenance of the hives has become the responsibility Mr Zani and Mr Odgers. With help from Mr Geoff Gray, a lot of progress has been made, and at the end of summer 26 kgs of honey was extracted from the hives. This was encouraging as it had not been a good season due to the poor weather.

The aim now is to form a group of students who show an interest in beekeeping and would like to learn about this fascinating hobby which could also lead to a career. In order for our students to have a more active role in the management and growth of the hives, we need to provide them with the correct protective equipment. 

We would like to ask our school community for assistance with this.  If you would like to make a donation to help, this please use the bank account number below:

06 0901 0391539 00

Please use your name and Bees as your payment reference.

For further information please contact Peter Odgers or Justin Zani.

[email protected]
[email protected]

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