Esports Underway

By Ayoub Ahmad | Posted: Friday May 22, 2020

The OBHS Esports club has started up and has been active during Level 2.

Our school has formed two League of Legends teams, which are participating in the New Zealand High School League of Legends Championships hosted by the University of Waikato. They played their first match on Wednesday. This was the first time most of the students had represented their school in such an event.

Although both teams were faced with a loss in their first match, it was a good learning experience for everyone. One team faced some technical difficulties and had to proceed with a 4v5 match against Ashburton College, however they did the best anyone could have asked for. Our other team played against Mount Albert Grammar School having only one practice match as a full team together beforehand. With little experience playing together, they formed better tactics and understanding and took the loss as a good learning experience for the matches to come. 

Overall, the start up of this tournament has been successful and we hope to see some well earned results in the future.