Buses During Alert Level 2

By OBHS | Posted: Thursday May 14, 2020

Please complete the form (link below) if you catch a school bus or public bus to or from school ANY DAY!

This is to provide contact tracing for the bus companies so that you could be contact-traced if there was any sign of an outbreak of COVID-19. The form will remain open so that you can fill it in if your bus route changes or you suddenly start to catch a bus. You should NOT be on a bus to or from school if you have not filled in this form.


Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap (or use sanitiser if you can't) before entering the bus and again when you reach your destination. Avoid touching hard surfaces and be mindful not to touch your face before washing your hands again. Please exercise patience and physical distancing when in the queue and getting on and off the bus. Because you are contact traced it is fine to sit normally once you are on the school bus. Public buses require physical distancing. It is sensible of course to sit alone or with students from your own school as much as is possible.

Please submit this form as soon as possible, or by Monday 18 May at the latest.