Music Lessons at Alert Level 2 and Beyond

By Konrad Hanson | Posted: Thursday May 14, 2020

For those who picked up instruments during lockdown, now is the perfect time to begin learning, or get back into it.

We can either regret the opportunities we didn't take while we were at Otago Boys' High School, or your future self can look back and thank the 2020 post-lockdown you for getting started with lessons. Please email Mr Hanson if you are keen to give it a go.

For the first week back at school, orchestral instrumental lessons will continue to be done by distance to help the transitioning process from level 3 to level 2 for those who visit many schools. Practice rooms will be available to set up your computer and use the instruments. Most people are using their own instruments, so this minimises issues. However, for instruments like drums, guitar, bass, and piano, there will be hand sanitiser and cleaning gear for the drumsticks and keys. These instruments, as well as voice, will be able to begin next week. The itinerant teachers will be in touch with students.

The week beginning the 25th of May will see all itinerant teachers back on site. Lessons will effectively be back to normal with a continued focus on cleaning the space and instruments, and keeping a safe distance from each other.