Quick Questions and Answers at Alert Level 2

By Richard Hall | Posted: Tuesday May 12, 2020

As parents, I know you will have a number of questions regarding the return to school next week. While not an exhaustive list, here are some questions and answers that may help.

1. When will school start and finish?

A. At the usual times, (8.50am - 3.05pm); if your son gets dropped off, and you can, the closer to 8.50am the better.

2. Will the canteen be open?

A. Yes it will but we would like to not accept cash at the moment. We are trying to minimise the amount of contact, just like a cafe. We have invested in Paywave. Ideally your son may have a debit card and you can put money into that. NO student will be allowed to leave school at lunchtime, unless specifically requested by a parent.

3. How are we dealing with hygiene?

Hand sanitiser is available in every classroom and will be used as students enter and leave classrooms. There is also plenty of soap and water available in every bathroom. Boys will be constantly reminded about hygiene. 

4. How are we dealing with break times?

We have changed the timings for classes. We will move to 2,1, 2. This means we will have an hour for lunch, which we need to get the hostel boys back to the hostel, fed and returned to school. This decision was made to lessen the number of students in the grounds and to provide more space. There will be extra staff on duty.

5. What if my son has fallen behind academically?

Our focus during the lock down was on quality online teaching. On his return to school we have built in time for teachers to find out where any gaps might be.

6. What about NCEA?

Assessment for NCEA will begin again (some have already started), but there will be an emphasis on pace. As teachers we need to mindful of not overloading students with trying to 'catch up'. Over the course of the year, I am confident we will be able to offer enough opportunity for boys to achieve their certificate.

7. Will there still be exams?

A. Mid Year Junior exams have been cancelled. They will have exams in November. NCEA examinations are still on as are our school practice exams in September. 

8. When will sport and cultural activities start up?

A. We expect both of these areas to begin in two weeks. Registration forms for sport have been sent this week. We need to be sure of the safety of these activities; following government guidelines, before we push go.

9. What if I need to come into school, or inform you of an appointment we have?

A. Please ring or email before coming into school to collect your son, this will help with our contact tracing. This is our standard practice. Email [email protected] or ring 03 477 55 27

10. Where do I come into school to meet teachers or to pick up my son?

A. We would like everyone to come to the main entrance, in the Tower block and follow the instructions inside.

11. How can we help the school?

A. Communicate any concerns with us, we are happy to hear from you, and please, do not send your son to school, if he is sick. 

Richard Hall